Parts Sales

Our Everyday Low Pricing parts policy is an ongoing commitment to our customers to provide parts at the lowest possible prices.

Forklift Spare Parts

Our Dedicated Parts department carries genuine forklift parts for many makes and models, parts that meet our high standards for performance and dependability.

Our computerised parts system ensures ordering accuracy and swift delivery providing customers with:

  • A very high percentage of parts availability
  • 24-hour delivery on most parts
  • Significant savings on replacement parts
  • A program for critical down time situations
  • We can supply most parts for most brands.

Emergency Breakdown Parts

For those unexpected interruptions to the life blood of your operations

Periodic Maintenance Parts

Filters (engine oil, transmission, fuel, hydraulic, air), fluids, lubricants and aerosols)

Special Equipment

Flashing lights, headlights, motion alarms, fire extinguishers, mirrors, slip-resistant tread


Standard taper, full bottom taper, hook type, pin type, latch pin kits, wear arm caliper

Tyres and Load Wheels

Press-on, pneumatic solids, pneumatic, rubber and polyurethane press-on, load wheels (available in various compounds.) We have a tyre press in our workshop

Pallet Trucks

Choose from a range to fit your application requirements


I.C. starter battery, industrial battery, chargers, carriers, booster/battery, terminal cleaners, connectors

Operator Comfort

Seats & Seatbelts, exhaust purifiers, accumulators and gauges.